Entrepreneurship in conditions of strong competition like the present, not only requires constant updating and effort optimization of products and services and a business organization that meets the needs and market requirements. 
For this purpose we have developed a range of integrated solutions for enterprises, which want to be competitive using modern solutions with flexible terms of collaboration, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. 
Specialized partners of m. Forotexniki undertake the IT support of your business offering the best possible solution for your needs. Also, in association with specialist lawyers we provide legal support for all matters related to your business. We even technical security support coverage for your business. The opportunities we provide in cooperation with of competent and experienced partners, cover the full range of needs of a modern business and can meet and your needs. Learn about our services. 



  • IT support from our expert partners
  • Legal support from cooperating lawyers, notaries, engineers & nbsp; on issues like tax differences, civil, labor disputes
  • Technical security support coverage from our office partner