In a tax environment that is constantly changing and confusing to taxpayers and businesses, the only solution is to trust professionals who can guarantee that closely monitor fiscal developments and be able to serve your needs. m. Forotexniki is one of the most reliable options. Specialized personnel with complete knowledge of the subject and years of experience can accomplish any tax case with targeted actions and reliable advice to individuals and businesses. We provide comprehensive tax services with specific proposals that respond precisely to your needs. We focus on timely preparation of your business, so that both can respond to the uncertainty and the downturn in the economic cycle and to serve the outlook of modern entrepreneurship. 
Contact us , whatever your problem and through our cooperation we will find the appropriate solution . We undertake any kind of statements that constitute tax liability of individuals and businesses. 
See brief our services and ask us for any case you employ: 



  • Tax declarations
  • E.T.A.K. declarations ( Legal Entities )
  • VAT declarations
  • Withholding taxes declarations
  • Real estate transfer declarations
  • Unique property holding tax declarations
  • Declarations companies transfer goodwill