Logistic services

We offer our clients high quality accounting services that cover the entire range of monitoring, organization and handling of their business .

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Tax Services

In a tax environment that is constantly changing and confusing to taxpayers and businesses, the only solution is to trust professionals who closely monitor fiscal developments.

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Specialized Services

If you decide to descend the business arena , or expand your activity, m. Forotexniki is the right choice to start a feasibility study that will allow you to implement your plans . 

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Workplace - Insurance


Labor costs and automate processes related to payroll and employee insurance is a crucial issue for the modern enterprise, the only solution is the experienced eyes of a qualified professional, such as m. Forotexniki ...

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Υπηρεσίες σχετικές με εργασιακά ή και ασφαλιστικά θέματα
Φορολογικές υπηρεσίες σε συνεργασία

For Individuals


Since 1999, m. Forotexniki offers uninterrupted , major consultancy services on accounting and tax issues. From the beginning our philosophy was to provide modern tax solutions and building relationships of trust with our customers..

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Third Parties Services


Entrepreneurship in conditions of strong competition like the present , not only requires constant updating and effort optimization of products and services and a business organization that meets the needs and market requirements.

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Λογιστικές υπηρεσίες για ιδιώτες