Since 1999, we offer our customers high quality accounting services that cover the entire range of monitoring, organization and handling of their business . With full knowledge of the subject , consistency, speed and efficiency helping the modern professional, not only to be consistent with its obligations but to have a full picture of the accounting of the enterprise , in order to take right business decisions with precision and knowledge. 
Our collaboration with major customers and large enterprises , over the years , attesting to the quality of our services and demonstrates our long experience in logistic, matters. In an intricate , complex and volatile economic environment for the modern enterprise integrity , credibility  and experience of m. Forotexniki, a guarantee that exudes confidence in a business. Because the accounts is the heart of every company and the valid quality accounting information, is the comparative advantage of the modern professional. 
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  • Organization and supervision of accounts
  • Compliance - Update accounting records
  • Establishment - Changes - Companies Stopping
  • Report financial figures of the company quarterly
  • Coverage of all external work on accounting issues